Together We Rise

When everyday people and their families prosper, we all succeed. Our neighbors are the drivers and the foundation of their communities. It is clear that everyday New Mexicans are the true experts when it comes to knowing what they and their families need to thrive—whether it is access to high quality schools, health services, or other opportunities to succeed. Still, families and the voices of everyday New Mexicans all too often go unheard in the conversations that affect them the most.

For 25 years, the Partnership for Community Action has helped develop strong community leaders and advocates by investing in people and creating a strong voice in the communities they call home. Understanding that people know their own communities best, we build upon personal experiences to impact the greater good. We support families to take ownership of the solutions and lead the way, connecting communities to decision makers, who, together, can create lasting change. The more we invest in solutions that stem from our local communities, the closer we get to a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous New Mexico.

together we rise