What Is the Best Gift You Can Give This Year?

By Zully Rodriguez | Community Organizer, Partnership for Community Action

Gifts being wrapped

This year has brought us all unimaginable challenges. When news of COVID-19 reached us, many of us thought it was a ruse to scare us. “It’s not true, it’s just a story,” we said to ourselves. After a few months, when we saw the virus in the face, our perspective changed. The closures, unemployment, the sickness … all that at first was just news from the other side, also became our reality.

We had to adjust, and reluctantly, like any teenager when father forbids to go out, some of us stayed home and some of us ignored the new rule. Nothing happens … and the consequences reached us, the losses arrived.

First, we lost our way of life, and we complained and kicked and ignored.

Then we lost our neighbors, our co-workers, our best friends, our uncles, our brothers, our parents. Some of us have had to face this sad and painful reality.

Some of us have gotten sick, and we know it is not a game. Those who don’t, still kick the ground like spoiled children and still don’t follow the rules. Our lifestyle and our precious freedom is useless when we have lost everything.

The end of the year is approaching and this holiday season, the best gift we can give to our families, communities, and ourselves is to stay home.

Stay home, toast to health, to love, to the future that you will be able to share with all your family and friends very soon. Give us, and give yourself, the opportunity to see us next year and celebrate as we have always done, together.