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Child Care Providers Are Key to Community Well-being — and They Need Our Support

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More about Educadores Para los Niños del Futuro, PCA’s Home-Based Child Care Provider Network

Fostering the long term development and success of our children starts with supporting the educators who care for them一 child care providers.  While providers typically operate out of a center, many individuals (particularly women of color) provide child care directly out of their private homes throughout the state. Many New Mexico families rely on home-based care as a convenient, trustworthy alternative to center-based care. In fact, families often refer to their own relatives, neighbors or friends to care for their children in a comfortable environment for both child and provider. These home-based providers have an incredible impact on our children and on our local economy, and many of them need additional support to operate and grow.

There are a number of challenges for home-based child care providers. Like any place that cares for children, providers must take certain measures to become licensed and to meet standard health, safety, and nutritional requirements. The state’s licensing system can be difficult to understand and tough to maneuver, and there are complex business provisions like taxing and reimbursement that providers must take into account.  For these entrepreneurs  who offer home-based care, it can be challenging to keep up with the steps it takes to operate their out-of-home business. 

One of the ways PCA sustains our mission of building power, is by supporting home-based child care providers through the Educadores para los Niños del Futuro Network. The Home-Based Child Care Provider Network is a community of support for child caretakers. Workshops, and information on licensing, reimbursement, available grants, taxes, and help with printing paperwork are some of the resources provided to this incredible group of community entrepreneurs. These resources ensure that providers are able to meet the state’s requirements, build and manage a business, all while continuing to provide the highest quality level of care and education for our children 

To further support and assist providers navigate the state’s licensing system and requirements, the network also has a well-established working relationship with the New Mexico Early Child Education & Care Department (ECECD) so  providers have open and direct communication with the department in their native language (Spanish). The Network also advocates to adjust the state systems that are not working for them and the families they serve. 

The Home-Based Provider Network was created in 2015 by 11 members. It has grown over the past 7  years and today, there are about 200 participating providers. The Network meets on a monthly basis to discuss  needs, and provide updates on available resources. 

Educadores para los Niños del Futuro Network not only provides essential care for NM children, while contributing to and building our local economy, it also fosters the entrepreneurial development of providers themselves. The Network is a space for providers to launch their career in care and become small business owners. In fact, two network members, Norma Estrada and Erika Estrada have built a city-wide daycare business. Erika’s mother, Norma ran a home-based child care business for many years and relied on the support of the Home-Based Provider Network before opening a center. Today, they have three child care centers in Albuquerque. 

Another member, Flor González, was connected to a loan by PCA through the Nusenda Credit Union Co-Op Capital Program, allowing her to expand her child care business, Mis Conejitos, to be a thriving center. She shared, “I am very happy because PCA was the one that helped me to achieve [my] goals.” Also remarking, “[PCA is here] to help all those people who want to open their own business”

Hear more about Flor’s story: 

This system of child care providers is critical to our community’s well-being. The Network will continue to support and organize alongside those who care for our children in support of families, and as a community power building strategy, as we work collectively toward a more equitable system for NM.

To learn more about the Network or to join, email or call Marisela Ruiz Sinaloa at (505) 247-9222 or