PCA Family Recipes: Celebrating Posada with community culinary traditions

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Every year, to bring our community together and celebrate the holiday season, we host our Holiday Posada. 

It is a joyous occasion where we open our doors all day to share food and gather with our community. Local parents, childcare providers, community partners, and community members bring dishes to share that are traditional to their holiday celebrations.

While we are unable to gather this year, we are maintaining the custom of sharing traditional food with our “Virtual Posada” recipe card celebration. 

We asked PCA members to share their memories of Posada along with a holiday recipe that is meaningful to them. They shared recipes that have been in their families for generations, along with anecdotes about Posada-past. 

Here’s what they shared: 

Tamales de Jennifer 

Jennifer, a parent of three, shared her family’s red chile pork tamale recipe, “I love this recipe and especially when preparing it in the company of my whole family because we all do our part.”

The ritual of making tamales during the holidays is particularly important to so many families. Try making Jennifer’s recipe this year:

Tamale recipe card
[Download the recipe card

Anzia’s Potato Latkes
Anzia Bennett from Three Sisters Kitchen is an incredible community partner who uses local food to create economic opportunity, improve health, and bring communities together around the table. When sharing her latke recipe with us, she said, “This is a recipe my family makes every Chanukah so it makes me think of spending time with people I love.” 

One of her favorite parts of Posada is “celebrating community with PCA is an annual tradition—and the tamales are always incredible!” 

Check out the latke recipe:

Latke recipe card
[Download the recipe card]

Marilu’s Spiced Ponche
Every Posada we look forward to sipping on Marilu Ugalde’s warm spicy ponche. Like the other Posada recipes, Marilu’s ponche is a special family recipe. 

“This recipe is important to me because it has been in my family for generations and now, I’m sharing it with you all because you’re part of my community family.”

Warm up this season with this fruit punch flavored with cinnamon and sugar cane:

Ponche recipe card
[Download the recipe card]

Bernadette’s Classic Cookie
PCA board member, Bernadette Miera, provided her way of making biscochitos with a photo of her mother’s handwritten recipe which has been in her family since 1959. 

“[Biscochitos] are part of our culinary tradition in New Mexico, a reminder of our traditions, heritage and food creativity that makes our state unique.” 

The New Mexico state cookie is certainly unique, and many families have their particular spin on the recipe. Try Bernadette’s this year: 

Biscochitto recipe
[Download the recipe card]

Though PCA cannot leave our doors open this year, we hope that through the doors of your homes, you are able to cook meaningful family dishes or try a new one from one of our fellow community members.